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Coal mining in Red River delta basin to start in 2010 (09/07/2008)

Pilot projects to exploit the Red River delta coal basin will start in 2010 according to a strategy to develop the coal industry to 2015 with orientations towards 2025. Under the strategy, the industry plans to produce 48-50 million tonnes of coal by 2010, 60-65 million tonnes by 2015, 70-75 million tonnes by 2020, and 80 million tonnes by 2025, to be able to fully meet the domestic demands and ensure energy security.
(Source:- http://www.vnagency.com.vn/Home/EN/tabid/119/itemid/257732/Default.aspx)

Vietnam targets 50 million tonnes of coal by 2010 (08/07/2008)

Vietnam has set a target of producing 48-50 million tonnes of coal by 2010, according to the Strategy for Development of the Vietnam Coal Sector by 2015, vision 2025 which was approved by the Prime Minister on July 7.
By 2010, work on exploration and appraisal of the natural resources 300 metres down under the Dong Bac (North-eastern) coal basin will be completed and by 2015, exploration and appraisal of the natural resources of the Red river delta coal basin will be finished.
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/coal-output-target-may-reach-50-million.html)


US$ 865.5 million thermoelectric plant to be built (07/07/2008)

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has approved a design for the Thang Long Thermoelectric Plant with a capacity of 600 MW generated by two turbines. The project is introduced by the Thang Long Thermo-power Joint Stock Company at an estimated cost of US$ 865.5 million. The power plant will generate an additional 3.675 billion kWh every year.
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/us-8655-million-thermoelectric-plant-to.html)

EVN needs 700 million USD for power projects (07/07/2008)

The Electricity of Viet Nam Group (EVN) has said it needs around 11.86 trillion VND (US$700 million) from now to the year¡¯s end to develop power generating and transmission line projects. Of the required capital, some 6.75 trillion VND is expected to be sourced from domestic commercial credits, 1.11 trillion VND from foreign loans, and the remaining 4 trillion VND from bonds.
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/evn-needs-700-million-usd-for-power.html)

Ministry proposes more aid for equipment upgrades (07/07/2008)

Companies that want to upgrade their equipment may receive financial support equal to 50% of costs under a new proposal by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). Under the proposal, companies would receive an increase in support from the original 30% as stated in Decree 119 passed in 2002, said Nguyen Trong Thu, an official of the MoST.
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/ministry-proposes-more-aid-for.html)


National Power Transmission Corp makes debut (06/07/2008)

The National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT) made its official debut in Hanoi on July 4. This is a one member company limited with all 100% charter capital owned by the Electricity of Viet Nam. NPT has a charter capital at the time of establishment of VND 4.5 trillion. It is an independent accounting company with four power transmission companies and three power projects management units in the northern, the central and southern regions.
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/national-power-transmission-corp-makes.html)

Big challenge to the coal sector (04/0720/08)

According to statistics, Viet Nam needs at least 4,000MW every year from now until 2025 for economic production and household consumption. While the potential for developing hydro-electric power plants is overexploited, plans to build thermal-power stations are already in the pipeline.
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/big-challenge-to-coal-sector.html)

Australia to help Vietnam improvement (03/07/2008)

Australia will help Vietnam improve rural electricity supplies and advance higher education, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has announced during his two-day visit to Vietnam. Smith has pledged AU$3.5 million to Vietnam to improve the reliability and efficiency of electricity supplies to rural communities and support three local power companies to adapt to power sector reforms.
(Source:- http://news.theage.com.au/world/australia-to-help-vietnam-improvement-20080703-30tg.html)

Quang Ngai set for 2.5 billion USD plant (03/07/2008)

The Quang Ngai Provinccial people¡¯s Committee has sought approval from the Ministry of Industry and Trade to build a 2,400MW thermal power plant at a cost of around 2.59 billion USD in the Dung Quat Economic Zone. The Dung Quat Thermal Power Plant, to be located in Binh Son district, will have four turbines. While the first will be completed in 2015, all four will be in operation by 2019.
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/quang-ngai-set-for-25-billion-usd-plant.html)

EVN Needs over $US51 Bln to Develop Power Projects by 2015 (02/07/2008)

State-owned Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN) said that it needs a total VND832,063 billion (over $US51 billion) to build power projects between 2008 and 2015, the Kinh Te Viet Nam & The Gioi (Vietnam & World Economy) newspaper reported
(Source:- http://vibforum.vcci.com.vn/news_detail.asp?news_id=13336&parent_id=0&cate_id=4)


Inflation tops Gov¡¯t agenda (02/07/2008)

Construction occurs on the Tuyen Quang hydro-electric facility. Development of hydro-electric construction is a key part of the Government¡¯s socio-economic development strategy.
(Source:- http://vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn/showarticle.php?num=05ECO020708)


ADB offers energy aid with plant loan (01/07/2008)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide Viet Nam with a US$196 million loan for a hydro-electric project that will help ease rising power shortages that threaten the country¡¯s economic growth.
(Source:- http://vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn/showarticle.php?num=03ECO010708)


GE Energy gets approval for plant (28/06/2008)

The Government yesterday issued a license to GE Energy to open a manufacturing plant in Hai Phong City, said General Electric Company Vice Chairman John Rice at a press briefing. The US$ 61 million plant, located in the Nomura Hai Phong Industrial Zone, is expected to open next year.
(Source:- http://vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn/showarticle.php?num=01IND280608)


Vietnam to Build 12 Thermo-power Plants in North by 2015 (17/06/2008)

Vietnam plans to build an additional 12 thermal power plants with a combined capacity of between 6,300 MW and 7,000 MW in the northern key economic zones by 2015, according to the national power development plan through 2015 and span to 2025, or plan VI.
(Source:- http://vibforum.vcci.com.vn/news_detail.asp?news_id=13227)

VN digging itself into a hole with coal exports (09/06/2008)

Vietnam exported 32.5 million tonnes of coal last year, bringing in just over US$1 billion. With coal needed to run thermo-power plants, that money would be enough to buy back just 7.5 million tonnes at the rising world price.
(Source:- http://english.vietnamnet.vn/biz/2008/06/787462/)

Commercial Power Output Reaches 26.43 Bln kWh in Jan-May (04/06/2008)

Vietnam¡¯s commercial electricity output was estimated at 26.43 billion kWh in the first five months of this year, up 18.8 per cent on year, the state-owned Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN) said. Of the total, 16.63 billion kWh of power was provided for the country's industry and construction sectors, up 23.5 per cent on year, the Nong Thon Ngay Nay (Countryside Today) newspaper reported June 3.
(Source:- http://vibforum.vcci.com.vn/news_detail.asp?news_id=13123)

EVN to Build 37 Small Hydropower Plants in Vietnam-China Border (29/05/2008)

The State-owned Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN) plans to build 37 small hydropower plants with the total investment of VND3.1 trillion (US$193.75 million) in the Vietnam-China border by 2010, the Cuu Chien Binh Vietnam newspaper reported
(Source:- http://vibforum.vcci.com.vn/news_detail.asp?news_id=13060)


New plants to ease power shortage (24/05/2008)

Nine new power plants are expected to come into operation this year, minimising power shortages nationwide, according to Electricity of Viet Nam(EVN). Nhon Trach 1 thermo-electricity plant¡¯s first turbine in the southern province of Dong Nai begins running today at full design capacity of 150MW, reports Viet Nam Machinery Installation Corporation (Lilama), the main builder of the plant.
(Source:- http://vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn/showarticle.php?num=01IND240508)


 Vietnam to become energy importer by 2015 (24/01/2008)

Viet Nam will become an energy importer by 2015 instead of being an exporter as at present, said a Japanese expert at a seminar on the nation¡¯s energy master diagram held in Ha Noi on Jan. 23.More»


EVN reports high revenues, drooping profits (13/01/2008)

The country¡¯s largest electricity producer said strong electricity sales helped bring in total revenue of 56 trillion VND (3.5 billion USD) last year, up 22 percent. Of this, net profits totalled 1.4 trillion VND (87.5 million USD), down 27 percent.  More»


India grants loans to build power plant in Viet Nam (09/01/2008)

The Indian Government will grant Viet Nam a loan of 45 million USD at an interest rate of 1.75 percent, for the building of the Nam Chien hydropower plant in northern Son La province More»


EVN plugs into electricity shortage (18/12/2007)

Vietnam is facing a severe electricity shortage, around 1,400 MW or 10% of total capacity at rush hours More»


Gov¡¯t approves ambitious power plan (17/11/2007)

Vietnam¡¯s biggest-ever electricity development plan has been given the green light by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung but experts have warned that implementing the move will not be easy. More»


EVN gets loan for massive hydro-power project (26/Sept/2007)

Four commercial banks of Viet Nam have pledged 17.5 trillion VND (roughly 1.1 billion USD) in loans for the Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN) to build the country¡¯s biggest hydro-power plant in Son La.  More»


Nuclear energy to power up by 2025 (01/Sept/2007)

HA NOI ¡ª Viet Nam plans to build two or three nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 8,000 MW and at an estimated cost of US$16 billion by 2025.  More»


Energy blueprint gets PM's approval (27/Jul/2007)

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on July 18 approved an ambitious electricity development plan that calls for a roll out of a variety of power generation initiatives in a bid to keep pace with burgeoning industrial user demand. More»


China to ease Vietnam power shortage  --By ZHAN LISHENG (China Daily Hong Kong Edition 03-May-2007)

HANOI: China will export 2.5 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity to Vietnam this year through a network of five power transmission lines, the China Southern Power Grid Company said.

Last weekend, the company initiated a 220-kilovolt line linking Wenshan, in Southwest China¡¯s Yunnan Province, to Ha Giang in Vietnam, said Yuan Maozhen, president of the China Southern.The new line will supply power to Vietnam for 10 years and will transmit an average 1 billion kwh of electricity peryear, he said. The Wenshan-Ha Giang power transmission line is 300 kilometers long ¡ª 170 km of which is in China ¡ª and cost 413 million yuan ($53 million) to build.

Last September, the company initiated a 220-kilovolt power transmission line in Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province.Three other 110-kilovolt lines have been operational since September 2004 to supply electricity to Vietnam by way of Yunnan Province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. By the end of March, the four existing lines had transmitted 1.84 billion kilowatt hours, worth $80.76 million to Vietnam, Yuan said.¡°The new power transmission line marks a new milestone in power development, cooperation and trade between China and Vietnam,¡± Yuan said.

Construction of the power transmission network is part of a $500 million power supply contract signed in October 2005 between the China Southern Power Grid Company and the State-owned Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).Under the contract, the Chinese company will supply electricity to six provinces in northern Vietnam for at least 10 years.

Dang Hung, director of the Vietnamese Industry Ministry¡¯s power coordination bureau, spoke highly of the power transmission project, saying it will help mitigate Vietnam¡¯s short supply of power in the northern provinces.

Vietnam¡¯s electricity demand is forecast to grow 15 to 17 percent year-on-year by 2010, while its total electricity generation capacity is only 11 gigawatts annually.

The project is also part of the power development, cooperation and trade program in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). China Southern Power Grid is the Chinese executor of the GMS power cooperation program.


Power sector urged to improve efficiency (21/April/2007)

HA NOI ¡ª Making Viet Nam¡¯s electricity industry competitive and cost-effective by 2009 was the focus of a seminar held in Ha Noi on Thursday.

The government has already approved proposed changes to the energy sector in three areas: the power-generation market, the wholesale power market and the retail power market, according to the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Viet Nam (ERAV), under the Ministry of Industry. More»


PM Dung calls Son La a model for future hydroelectric projects (14/Feb/2007)

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said progress and quality of the Son La hydroelectric project must be tightly monitored, and local ethnic people residents who have been displaced by the project must be assisted to stabilise their lives in new resettlement areas. Dung met with the project management board, consultants and various units of the project yesterday as he visited the northern mountainous province of Son La.  More»