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AirAsia opens office in HCMC (08/07/2008)
Thai budget carrier AirAsia Monday opened a sales office in Ho Chi Minh City to meet the high customer demand since it commenced a HCMC-Bangkok service last April. HCMC is a great market for international airlines to open direct routes, said AirAsiaˇ¦s chief executive officer Tassapon Bijleveld.
(Source:- http://www.thanhniennews.com/travel/?catid=7&newsid=40031)
Thanh Hoa to have civil airport (0707/2008)
The Thanh Hoa Peopleˇ¦s Committee has announced its plan to build a civil airport in Quang Nhan Commune, Quang Xuong District. As planned, the committee will allocate 300ha of land to the west of National Road 4 in which to build a domestic airport that can be upgraded to an international airport in the future.
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/thanh-hoa-to-have-civil-airport.html)
Da Nang Airport gets makeover (02/07/2008)
Da Nang International Airport will be able to receive up to four million passengers and 80,000 tonnes of luggage a year by 2015. And by 2025, it will be able to handle six million passengers a year. By 2015, the airport will be able to receive the largest aircraft, including Boeing 747s and 777s and Airbuses in 21 landing positions. It will be capable of receiving 2000 visitors in a rush hour. Investment from now to 2015 will be VND2.7 trillion ($168.7 million) and to 2025, VND1.8 trillion ($118.7 million).
(Source:- http://www.vnbusinessnews.com/2008/07/da-nang-airport-gets-makeover.html)
Japan helps Vietnam modernise aviation management (26/06/2008)
The Japanese government has decided to help the Transport Ministryˇ¦s Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam in making the Master Plan Study on Development of the New Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management Systems" (the New CNS/ATM Systems) to the year 2025.
(Source:- http://www.mofa.gov.vn/en/nr040807104143/nr040807105001/ns080623082137)
Vietnam waives tariffs on import of aviation fuel to help airlines in crisis (23/06/2008)
Vietnam has decided to do away with tariffs on import of jet fuel ˇV which stands at 5% currently ˇV from July 2008 in an effort to help the countryˇ¦s airlines survive in the time of prohibitively high prices of oil. The Finance Ministry of Vietnam had cut the rate of import tax for aviation fuel from 10% to 5% about a month ago. At h at time, two kinds of aviation fuel ˇV classified under codes 2710.19.13.00 and 2710.19.14.00 ˇV had their import tax rate reduced from 5% to nil.
(Source:- http://www.dancewithshadows.com/aviation/vietnam-waives-tariffs-on-import-of-aviation-fuel-to-help-airlines-in-crisis/)
Building up Vietnam's aviation infrastructure (02/05/2008)
As Vietnam focuses on economic growth, a key sector for development is the countryˇ¦s airport infrastructure. Aviation is ranked among top priority sectors for development in Vietnam and is considered as a prerequisite to boost the countryˇ¦s global economic standing.
The CAAV suggests that total air passenger traffic may reach 20 million by 2010 with an expected annual sector growth of 10-15 percent.
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Vietnam opens up aviation market (11/02/2008)
The kick-start of VietJet, the first private airline in Vietnam , is considered the most obvious move so far by the Vietnamese government in opening up the aviation market. The aviation sector has worked out a development strategy until 2020, which estimates that 15 billion USD will be needed to develop the national fleet, airports and increase air control capacity. Under the strategy, country will have a total of 26 airports, including 10 international airports, to be located in all three regions.
(Source:- http://english.vietnamnet.vn/reports/2008/02/768100/)
2007: Vietnamˇ¦s aviation industry will renew itself (11/Jan/2007)

Vietnamˇ¦s air carriers will see many changes in 2007: Pacific Airlines will become a budget airline, Vietnam Airlines has asked to raise the ceiling airfare in order to have more flexible operations. Meanwhile, VASCO is seeking foreign partners.  More»